Private Jet vs Commercial Airline – Infographic

by , June 11th 2013

To celebrate our 60th post we thought we would make this infographic to answer that burning question: Ever wondered how flying by private jet really compares to flying by commercial airlines?

For our contenders we chose the Gulfstream G550 to represent the private jets, and for the commercial airlines we chose the A380 Airbus. Both represent titans of their respective sectors and we felt that it was a fair fight.

Private Jet vs Commercial Airline - AirMayfair

Private Jet vs Commercial Airline – An Infographic by AirMayfair – Private Jet Charter

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Fanny Johnstone was a features writer and motoring columnist for national broadsheets and motoring magazines before becoming an aviation enthusiast. Passion for adventure, fast machines and writing means she will bring AirMayfair readers exciting up-to-date news from around the world. She welcomes ideas for the blog, and invitations to fly

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